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Dental prosthetic services and custom-made sports mouth guards

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Northern Tasmania’s leading denture clinic servicing Launceston, Beaconsfield and George Town, Saunders Denture and Mouthguard Clinic can help you smile again with confidence.  Offering affordable prices and a friendly, personalised approach, our team is committed to providing lasting dental solutions through custom-made full and partial dentures and high-quality sports mouthguards.

Restore your beautiful, natural smile

Modern dentures are designed to be comfortable, natural looking and low maintenance. As well as helping you smile again with confidence, full or partial dentures can help you enjoy the food you love, speak without issues and protect your remaining teeth from unnecessary wear and tear.

No matter how many teeth you need replaced, Saunders Denture Clinic will work with you to find the right dental prosthetic solution for your needs.


  • Full dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Denture relining and remodelling
  • Same day denture repair
  • Denture cleaning service
  • Sports mouthguards

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