Bottler for quality

July 9, 2022 1:38 am in by

The price for Tasmania’s wine grapes grew to an astonishing average of $3,237 dollars a tonne this year.

It contrasts with the Australian average decreasing to just $630 dollars per tonne.

Sheralee Davies from Wine Tasmania in Hobart is finding a familiar case of stellar quality for 2022, but not enough volume to meet a voracious thirst.

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“This is our third year now where our yields have been back to the long term average, so not as much wine as we would like to have, but in more important news it’s another great quality vintage.”

She explains how it’s always a challenge growing grapes here.

“Flowers on our grape vines getting blown off or knocked about a little by the wind, we had a cooler spring last year as well across a fair bit of the state and so that cooler weather just slows things down, so it really is the vagaries of the season, we talk about high risk high reward.”