Aaron Stevens has been the host of the 20 20 Retro Countdown for 4 years graduating from the position of one of the researchers of the program to the host – bringing a vast music knowledge to the role.

Aaron celebrated 25 years in radio recently and the thing he’s always enjoyed most has been the research and artist interviews. That experience and years of interest in music, TV, movies and pop culture have come in handy on the 20 20 Retro Countdown – well that – and all of those “Smash Hits” magazines he has under his bed at home helped too.

Many people ask him where he comes to us with the ideas for different music and artist features. Well, it takes hours of creative thinking in front of a giant whiteboard with a team of monkeys on typewriters.

We just love dragging out some of those hits that you might not have heard in a long long time… and it’s great being able to dig up old TV ads and delve into the events that were happening while our favourite songs were on the charts!

It’s all on the 20 20 Retro Countdown with Aaron Stevens.

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