Check Out This Year’s Best Super Bowl Ads!

February 12, 2024 12:51 pm in by
Image: YouTube @Pringles / YouTube @T-Mobile / YouTube @Hellmann’s

The Super Bowl ads are like the highlight reel of TV commercials, but on steroids. Every year, companies go all out to grab your attention during the big game with flashy, funny, and sometimes tear-jerking ads.

It’s like a peek into what’s hot in society, and you can bet there’s gonna be big-name celebs making appearances. As we dive into this year’s Super Bowl ad lineup, get ready for a wild ride of creativity, star power, and straight-up entertainment. This year, they’ve upped the ante with the quality of commercial viewing, so we’ve handpicked a few of our faves just for you.

Kate McKinnon Stars in Hellmann’s Mayo

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Kate McKinnon from “The Barbie Movie” and Pete Davidson from “Saturday Night Live” will star in a commercial with Mayo Cat, a famous feline due to McKinnon’s mix-up of its “meow” for “mayo.” The ad shows Mayo Cat’s rapid rise to fame, leading to a red-carpet appearance with Davidson. The storyline concludes with a highly publicized breakup between Mayo Cat and Davidson, generating attention with the headline “Mayo Cat Ends Relationship with Davidson.” Take a look at the ad here:

Chris Pratt ‘Mr P.’ Pringles

Chris Pratt’s new look as the Pringles mascot, Mr. P, is causing a stir, especially since he now sports a moustache that makes him look just like the iconic character. This twist has even sparked talk of a potential Mr. Pringles movie, creating a lot of excitement among fans.

Like a Good Neighbaaa – Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny DeVito

In the Super Bowl ad, Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on the role of Agent State Farm. However, there’s a humorous twist as he struggles with the iconic slogan, until his sidekick and longtime friend, Danny DeVito, comes to the rescue.

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Jason Momoa Flashdances for T-Mobile

Zach Braff and Donald Faison are back with another T-Mobile Super Bowl ad, and this time they’ve got Jason Momoa on board. The ad features a bit of a cringy moment until Momoa channels his inner Jennifer Beals, who starred in the movie Flashdance, and also makes a cameo at the end worth watching.

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